Windows Azure – Cloud Computing


Let’s start of with what is Cloud Computing, instead of me telling you what it is let me refer you to Wikipedia

First of all you need a Windows Live Id. Here is how to create a Windows Live Id.

You can explore the Microsoft’s Azure Website at Windows Azure from Microsoft.

Then when you are ready to play this is how to Register for Azure Services.

Before you explore you need to install some stuff. Before you install VSCloudService.exe make sure you apply the Hot-fixes from the System Requirements and then make the tweeks to your operating system.  Then you can take a quick lap around the tools. Note: If you do all this you can simulate a cloud environment on your own PC before you deploy to the cloud.

After you have done the quick lap around the tools you may try this one Walkthrough Simple Table Storage. Then once you are done and you have your token to activate your Azure Services Account you may wish to deploy.

Good luck – I am currently up to waiting for my Azure Services Activation Token. So will keep you up to date on how I go. I have done the quick lap around the tools and it worked for me.

Let me know how you go?


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